Smart Design

Normally, ticketing systems are either specialist and expensive, or basic and constrained. When we couldn't back a choice for societies, schools or local venues, we made our own.


  • Take control over general appearance, ticket publicity, refund policy, and customer data.
  • A cloud architecture enables access from any device and industry leading security.


  • Booking flows are speedy - we'll even suggest seats based on customer settings.
  • Manage Tabs for your account and events put all controls and settings in one place.


  • Fingerprint payments and artificial intelligence turn your tickets into talking points.
  • A common sense and user-friendly approach to financing. You don't wait until after your event to receive funds, and you don't need expensive ticket stock, printers or scanners.
Records sold on to 3rd parties
Average time to book ticket
Processed in 2017

Eco-Friendly Tickets

The Romans used the word tesserae to describe their tickets, rounded or four-sided tokens. We proudly present the iteration for today's digital age.



Tessera tickets are A4. Information for your front of house is found in one place at the very top, leaving a generous area underneath for you to place guidance for guests. You can specify accessibility details too, so that people with disabilities enjoy a smoother event experience.


We made it simple to download our tickets to smartphones as PDFs - far less likely to get lost. On the door, connect as many phones as you like to Tessera and scan tickets with the cameras. You'll see at a glance how many guests are still to arrive.


Tickets are sent by email seconds after payment - no more manual processing or postage. When printed, our default design is deliberately sparing on ink, and the paper is a standard size for easier recycling. We even make sure tickets get sent from certified carbon neutral servers.

Modular Features

Tessera's core functionality is optimised for simplicity and speed. Included plugins expand the feature set to suit your needs, and can be toggled on or off in seconds.

Customer View

Track your customers, and view their booking history while keeping their data secure. Export a list of customers for integration with your marketing.


A versatile and powerful discount engine for code-based marketing campaigns, or automatic early bird offers limited by time, spend or quota.

Easy Bookkeeping

Download or share an accurate spreadsheet of profits made through online ticketing, with each occurrence of an event split for analytics.

Tessera provides a RESTful API with access to all orders.

Fixed Pricing

We aim to be as upfront and competitive as possible. Forget high prices and nasty surprises.

2.0% + 25p

per ticket paid by a UK/EU credit or debit card

3.5% + 25p for international cards

Free until you get paid

No setup or ongoing fees, or charges for free events.

Absorb or pass it on

You can ask your customers to pay the booking fee.

All of these features allowed us to expand our audience base and increase our pre-show ticket sales. I would highly recommend Tessera.

Society President, Pembroke Players

Brilliantly simple to set up, any issues we had were handled capably and professionally. Tessera is reliable, responsive and slick.

Student Opera Producer, CUOS

It takes just minutes to get started.